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Leighton Meester was all about paying lip service…and not just to her designer escort, Jason Wu. "I just can’t concentrate," she blurted out mid-interview. "I see a really cute guy over there." The gentleman in question made a beeline over to the Gossip Girl star. "Excuse me, do I know you from somewhere? Are you an actress?" he asked, grabbing Meester by the waist and passionately kissing her. "I’m sorry," she said, briefly coming up for air. “This is my boyfriend. We play this game all the time.” x


‘Am I Next?’: Ferguson’s Protests Through the Eyes of a Teenager



Here are some dogs enjoying Popsicles. 

“What is happening in Ferguson is exactly what opponents of the rise in military-style policing across America have long feared: when the feds arm white local cops with weapons of war and their superiors encourage them not to just play dress-up but to use their new war toys, it is inevitable that ordinary citizens – especially citizens of color – will get treated as the enemy.”

Ferguson is what happens when white suburban cops get weapons of war, writes Sadhbh Walshe.  (via guardian)

especially BLACK people will be treated as the enemy 

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People love watching and reading about dystopias and rebellions, but when it happens in real life suddenly those people are demonizing the resistance and championing the oppressors as the protectors of society. 

everybody finds it easy to sympathize with fictional white people, but not so much actual black people 


From Elon James White Tuesday night.